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countdown to arrival

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well, im up and waiting for my delivery today....its a LOVELY day here in Devon - almost summery....


I have a really bad ear infection and have gone deaf in both ears...its not gonna dampen my "eglu" spirit though


CANNY CAT - let me know when your's comes - then i have an indication when mine is on the way..



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They may turn up later - dont worry!

When our sofas were delivered we were given a "window" of 8am to 6pm.

They turned up at 7.30pm............... (and our friends had a rude awakening from the same firm who arrived at 7am!!!!!!!!!)

Do you want me to ring Omlet for you, and the courier? If you do just pm me with your road name and town and your surname and I will gladly do it - always happy to help out a fellow omleteer :D

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hubby rang omlet at 16.55 and they've just called back to say that the courier has put the eglu "on the wrong route"


they wont be able to ring the courier again till 9am tomorrow morning


that means we wont get it today and we wont get it tomorrow


"Ooops, word censored!"ody home at all next week as husband works shifts and he is on "days"


im so upset i could cry (as im not feeling well anyway ! :( )

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Are you related to my husband ............ whatever he does, it always goes wrong ........... except for marrying me 24 years ago of course :wink::twisted: !


Seriously, it is so disappointing to be let down like that. When I bought my first Forsham ark, I was really messed about with the delivery and it took over a week to turn up. In the end, the poor delivery driver was phoning me every few hours to tell me where he was and how long it would be before he got to me. I don't think he'd bargained on the roads around here and when it got to 10.30pm I told him to find somewhere to sleep and call me in the morning!


I hope you don't go through the same trauma and I am absolutely sure that the customer service you will get from Omlet will more than make up for today's disappointment.

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Its true though - nothing runs smoothly for us - never :D


I must admit I did shed a tear when hubby walked the dog :oops:


it seems like my life has been on hold waiting for this eglu, ive been very poorly since sunday, been to the doctor 3 consecutive days and spent over £33 on prescrptions...


the eglu not coming is one big let down...... :(:(:(:(:(


hubby keeps trying to cheer me up - he says hes gonna ring the courier in the morning and find out where it is - if its not too far - he is going to fetch it!!!

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I know how you sort of feel or tho we collected our when we took a wrong turn l was so upset as it was such a long way.Every night before l go to bed l look out the window and just love looking at it still afder 4 months.I wonder if the feeling will ever wear of.I really hope you get your eglu soon my fingers are crossed for you that your hubby can collect it tommorow.Let us know how you get on.We got our when l was suffering from depression and its worked wonders.


(green eglu)

(Bluebelle) bluebell

(white chicken) ruby

PP marmalaid

!egg!!egg!!egg! everyday

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THE EGLU HAS LANDED....10.30 am !! hurrah, yippeeee!


isnt it bigger in real life?!!


hubby off to the local farm stores to get some hemcore.

girls will be in their new home by lunch... :lol:



im very happy.....thanks everyone for cheering me up and putting up with my moans !!!

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