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Henorabillia! What 's in your chook collection?

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My collection consists of 6 teatowels with a Cockerel design on bought from TK Max last week. :D

They are a heavy weight cotton, and having just washed and dried them I have actually ironed them :!::oops:

Why on earth have I ironed them? I don't iron my other teatowels.

They do look splendid folded neatly in the drawer. 8)


I would love a Chicken egg holder. the one that looks like a Chicken is sitting on a nest and you lift up the Chicken part to store the eggs, but I haven't found one anywhere yet.

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Thanks, Lesley. I love the look of the wall-mounted egg holder. That would get them off the working-top in my VERY SMALL kitchen! I've sent the link to my LSH. He's not always very good on hints, but here's hoping! :)

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Lesley I'm not really sure that I should be saying thank you for posting that link :? , it's not as if I should be looking for ways to spend any more money right now :oops: . But it's a brilliant site, I want one of those station clocks too, and an egg holder, and did you see the hen boot s"Ooops, word censored!"er ?. Got to be an essential for the back door at this time of year and my muddy wellies. Fantastic :):)

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Ooooooooh! :shock:


We've just been to the Domestic Fowl Trust at Honeybourne - it is a chicken paradise. They've got everything chickeny you could think of 8)


I managed not to buy anything - no more egg cups :wink:


I wasn't too happy about the birds for sale - in cages in a trailer thing - but there were some nice birds there. A beautiful Blue Orpington - and NO!, I didn't buy one of those either!


We bought some feed and some books.

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