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Calling all junior forum members and Battery Hen adopters!

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Hello everyone. I have just spoken to Jane at BHWT and we need your help. We have a childrens corner type piece in our newsletter and I have been given the task of finding contributions. I did say I have the best bunch of juniors available through the forum :D8) . Jokes, puzzles, poems etc. Just have a look at the newsletter you'll see it in the BHWT sticky (I think) :oops: and forward contributions. Fundraising etc also a good one! (Clare, perhaps Rosie :D )


We also need 'CUTE' Pics of the adopted hens, Like kazaddress sent. Having their favourite treats (tell us the treat they love and send a pic) cute antic caught in a photo. When we say Cute we mean CUTE!!!!! So cameras poised and send them to Jane :D


Thanks alot guys and Jane is thrilled by the fundraising and thanks you all so much. We really need funds as the costs have gone up so it's just at the right time :D



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Jules may be able to help here! (she is always drawing pictures of Doctor Who or Prehistoric Park and some of them are quite good)...


I shall ask her to draw Rose and Mickey for you. :D


Dan could they do something about hens do you think? Picture/s and why they like having their own eggs? Why hens are great etc!


That would be lovely :D:D


Well done guys...


Where's Martin :wink:


I will ask Jane tomorrow if she has anything else specific in mind and post then, so hold that thought and I'll get more info of what we need.





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Tom and Ollie have both got BHWT sponsored hens and Ollie's taken the leaflets and newsletter into school to put on the notice board in the hope that it will encourage other children in his year and who use his classroom to think about where their eggs come from. Would you like him to write a piece about this for you? He's a good little writer (though his handwriting leaves a lot to be desired! Thank heavens for word processors!!)

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I'll tell Imy.... see if she wants to come up with something, or maybe get her camera out.

Jane is welcome to any photos or snippets out of Imy's blog if she wants, she's got accounts of the 2 rescues she's been involved with, and of course tales about Cam & Tilly in there...... as well as a lot of other general chatter :roll::wink:

Perhaps Jane could do a "meet the junior hen enthusiast" section... a bit like the Omlet newsletter "meet the egluowner" bit, and feature a little question & answer section about their hens, how they support the BHWT and so on, with photos if possible :? I'm sure that some of the young hen enthusiasts here would complete a questionnaire.

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Thanks everyone. And yes Kate please ask Ollie and KateA Imy too, yes to pics, aiming for really cute 'pampered' chook pics!

:D:D:D:D:D:clap::clap: I knew you'd rise to the occasion.


Sarah word search is super :D


I can gather all the stuff and send it to her or email it to her:




Whatever you do please let me see it too :D


Noeglu has been in touch with a poem so wonder if you would like to send it yourself, thanks so much for it :D:D:D8)



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I now have two pictures scanned and ready for you (one from Jules and one from Harry). I shall email them out to you now.


Dan :D



They are not masterpieces but I hope they will be okay...


Thanks Dan, I've sent them to Jane. Tell Harry and Jules I love them. I will be putting them in my blog at some point,if that's ok.

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