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They are picking us up today

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:D We have been hearing on the chickenwire that our new mum and dad are coming to collect us today hurrah! We understand they have been building the Eglu and making the garden safe for us most of yesterday evening and we can't wait. Our eglu is going to be green, we have been living in a wooden house for the last 18 weeks, but have been promised a super new detached state-of-the-art bungalow. We also heard that as long as we support "Ooops, word censored!"nal we should fit in really well with the rest of the family, there's just one thing though and that is that their Greyhound has an "Ooops, word censored!"nal jacket and we jope they don't ask us to wear one as I know my bum will look big in it and my friends will look enormous as she has fluffy knickers. I am a Black Rock with a red front (bet that was deliberate) and she is a seagull coloured Speckledy - they have not given us names yet, but watch this space and hope it's not something like Hens Lay-man!
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welcome to the forum goonerchicks, you will love your new green home. It really is quite snazzy and posh, well, really just like the new emirates stadium but a bit smaller.


Be warned there are some chelsea chicks on here, not top of the pecking league quite yet, but it wont take long :lol:


hens lay-mann is an egg-cellent name....did even consider one of my girls to be "petr chick" (cfc goalie)



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yay! great game..


Jens Lay-man

Philippe Henderos

Emmanuel Eggboue

Theo Walcock


managed by "Ooops, word censored!"ne Henger

playing at the Henirates Stadium..





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Oh, no, another thread that's rapidly developing a football theme :shock:

Can I just add some very quick welcomes..... and scarper fast :oops::oops:

Oh, and my flock (human and animal) all support Charlton Athletic, and son's youth team. Both teams appear to have equal success :roll:

I'd rather plait sawdust, and watch chickens, than endure a football match, but am well used to my role as football widow/ supportive Mum :wink:

We'll chat again I hope..... on another, non-footballing thread :wink::lol::lol:

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:lol: Sorry we made another football thread yesterday but we were so excited we got carried away (literally). Anyway all things football aside, or should that be offside (sorry, sorry!) Anyway we moved in and it's a really nice place very chic and our bedroom has hensuite facilities and boy did we use it last night :oops:

They [the humans] have named us Isabella and Phoebe after their grandmothers so nothing football there then. The Greyhound is enormous we can only see the legs and hear her whinging. My sister Isabella is quite nervous, but was first to explore the green bungalow I was too busy with the worms, very tasty they were too. Isabella acts a bit like Julian Clary and hates being touched, she keeps bumping into me and spooking herself out. We ate pellets and drank water and then went to bed - this morning mums face looked in and said hello - it was time to get up again and at the moment we are just pecking around and getting used to things keeping an eye out on the greyhound by the gate who seems to be fascinated by us.

Thank you too all those that gave us a welcome we hope to join in more soon.

PS We heard them talking about Man U tomorrow being a bit of a nightmare I wonder who he is? :?

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