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Wheelbeero Race

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Well, where I live, Mid September means only one thing.... two weeks of lunacy as Pewsey Carnival takes over.

OH is currently outside as we speak, with neighbours constructing our annual Wheelbeero for the race this Thursday night. Its basically a pub crawl with teams, dressed up and a wheelbarrow which has to be part of the theme, a kind of mini float.... oh, yes, and the course runs down in the river for about half a mile too..... :roll:

Last year they were all Hare Krishna....



This year the theme we have chosen is "Rolf Harris", and OH is busy turning the "shrine" into an animal hospital.....

He's gonna be Rolf in lab coat, and other friends are Jake the Peg, Rolf with wobble board, didj, a giant Stylaphone , Rolf wearing an artist's shirt and carrying an easel :shock: ..... it should be fun. The sound system is hidden inside the wheelbeero and this year, instead of the "Hare Krishna" mantra, it will be blaring "Tie me Kangaroo down sport, two little boys, etc...


I'll post piccies when its finished..... :roll: Meanwhile, I'm supposed to be cleaning the oven.... :roll:

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:shock: Actually, disaster has just struck.... OH bought a white lab coat from ebay last Monday and the seller has just emailed to say she can't send it until the beginning of next week. :evil::evil:

Any ideas where we can get one by Thursday?


Go and nab one from the nearest secondary school science lab! :wink:


You must share the pics of the drunken event! :lol:

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