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Hen death - hen adoption? Cambridge

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One of my two hens, Ms Grey, died unexpectedly yesterday. The vet reckoned that she had a digestive infection, and we started her on the Baytril antibiotic, but she died during the night. The poor girl was moulting and had clearly been feeling off colour for a few days, and I think I didn't realise how ill she was becoming until too late.


So, the remaining hen, Ms Black needs company. I was thinking that it might make more sense to take on one to two adult birds than a pullet. Ms Black is very sweet and lively, and got on with Ms Grey fine, but was very violent when they were first introduced (see thread from a year ago!).


I noticed that sometimes birds for adoption appear on this forum, so if there are any hens looking for a home in the area, please let me know. I'd be open to ex-battery hens, but would prefer not to take on someone actively requiring medical care.


I've learnt from the experience of introducing Ms Grey so will keep the new birds adjacent, but segregated, for several days before introducing to Ms Black. I have a double run, so can easily create two sections.

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Hi Lera,

Sorry to hear about Ms Grey - it is awful when you lose a hen!

I have 3 ex battery hens which I am looking to re home. I have had them for three months now and they are active and healthy. Two of them have started to regrow their feathers so for the most part have lost their "oven ready" look.

I feel awful about thinking of giving them away but I have 11 hens which was fine when they were free ranging, but at the moment I have a fox problem which means that they are cooped up for most of the day. They have integrated well with the other hens and are lovely - one of them follows me around the garden like a dog. The reason why I am rehoming them as opposed to any of the others is that they were the last ones I got and as the children didn't help to choose them they haven't formed a special attachment to them.

I am in Bramley near Guildford which I know is a long way from Cambridge however every Monday and Friday I collect/drop off my son at school in Bicester so potentially could do a "chicken drop" then.


If you're interested let me know.



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