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We have them too but they're definately dust baths, not worm digging holes - I've seen them being made! I just wish they'd stick to one or two, rather than keeping on making more. I guess they get too deep when they've been used 2 or 3 times. I have tried topping them up with play sand, but then they seem to loose all appeal!

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I think my three girls are hatching an escape plan !!


They have dug a hole about four inches deep right in the front corner of the run underneath the glug. It always look really difficult for them, squishing in under the glug, but they keep on digging there and have now moved outwards a couple of inches underneath the runs 'skirt'.


Before they come to us, perhaps the omlet team keep them amused with films because I'm sure my chooks must have seen Chicken Run !



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our girls are all great diggers too , we weren't worried about it until this week when we noticed they had very nearly burrowed out :!::!::!:


they are burrowing in front of the eglu door and then back under the eglu to the point where any self respecting fox could have dug back through , the weak point of the eglus defences is where the skirt meets the eglu itself , we have now re-enforced that with heavy stones but it is worth watching out for if you have 'chicken run ' minded hens.

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