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Its official - Christmas is here

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I LOVE LUSH! Its my absoloute favourite shop! And snow fairy shower gel is back! Yay! Thats soooo nice smelling, my personal recomendation!


I make Mike (other half) buy all their christmas stuff to put in my stocking (rather spoils the surprise but at least i know i want it!)


Ahhh Christmas at lush! :D:D:D:D:D:D


Thanks Sarah, you have made my day! Last time i checked their website the christmas stuff wasn't on - am gonna go browse!




P.S does this mean theres a new lush times out to?!


P.S am i sad for getting so excited!?

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Andrew I am a big Clinique user & have been trying to get The Hubby to use their mans range.

Is it good?


I think he thinks its a bit "unmanly" to use that sort of skincare range, but he does get dry skin from working outside.he has always just used Baby lotion until now :roll:

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The clinique prducts really have worked well for me - no razor burn, improves the condition of the skin and (my problem) was oily skin and shine - they have an extra strength facewash and on oil control hydrator (moisturiser!) that stopped it straight away


Oh and the lip balm - specially designed for men as it is non glossy - unlike the nivea, lipsyl type products which always left me looking like i'd smothered lipstick all over my smackers!


Everytime I got to the Clinique counter in Boots Cribbs Causeway they grab a lip balm (usually buy 2 or 3 as I keep losing them!)


Have only tried a few of the REN products so far and loved them so may go and give them a try too!

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