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Somerset Gathering

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Just wondering, can we have a Somerset gathering sometime soon?

It would be good as Helen G, Mel (& Paul), Paola and me could come then!




Maybe we could have one at Barrington Court-it's now open a few weekends in December and for the rest of October.

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Whilst we are on the subject of venues how about a West Mids / South Staffs / Shrops get together?


That would be good for me! 8):D


If you can hang on til March time i will be having a house warming so you are more than welcome to all come along! :D


ACCEPTED! Put us four down! :D


And me! :wink:

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If there was to be a Somerset Gathering it would be too far for me :cry::roll:


Shall I tell you my plan! Perhaps this may appeal / be of use to others...


You stop for the weekend at the Haven holiday park in Doniford, then you can walk down to the West Somerset Railway line, past the little farms that sell honey and homemade cider. Then you arrive at the station platform (Doniford Halt) which is in the middle of fields. The whole experience transports you to the fictional world of E.Nesbit - it's ace (we've done it a couple of times).


Then a steam train arrives and takes you to the seaside and it is quite gorgeous. They have stacks of old GWR steam locos and a really good diesel collection that inlcudes two Hymeks and a Western! 8)


I haven't quite worked out how this fits in to the Omlet Somerset gathering yet, but you can be sure that it will feature in our plans!



In the evening you have live shows and music for the whole family! Can't be bad! :D


Edited to include a link to Doniford Halt on the WSR Official Site



Its a lovely thought.

and I could be driving by then,

but if Im not is anyone passing m25 j11 :?::D:roll:

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Well, it'll be March sometime.


Perhaps we could work together on a date? And work out a plan that people can dip in and out of depending on what they fancy?

That sounds good to do. Barrington Court has lots of things, such as cafe, outdoor seating, toilets, lots of garden and a very big car park.


March is good as they open from March onwards to October. The sooner the better. October is busy and they only open three weekends in December, bit too close too christmas then.

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Tamsin, if I'm going.... and I like to think that I might, I'll certainly be using the M25, and passing Jct 11. We might be able to arrange something :D

I'll wait for more details before we confirm anything though.

Actually I must PM you.... do you know any good restaurants near Thorpe Park? Son & his mates are doing fright night, the rest of us are hoping to find somewhere nice for a quiet family meal. Any recommendations in the area?

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I'm on for Somerset - let me have the dates for the diary!

Midlands one - hey, whats a few hours drive between friends?!?!!?

Dorset one - yes, I know, I need to sort something out, but I thought next year so the weather is better and we are already so close to Christmas (well we are according to the supermarket shelves...........)

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