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Narrow Squeak!!

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Heard a lot of noise from hens at 6.30am.


Went out......dreading what I might find.


4 of the girls were wandering about the garden and couldn't get back into their Eglu.


The pop hole door was on the ground and they had obviously formed an escape committee and got out that way!


It must be my fault.....I can't have closed it properly yesterday.




Lesson learnt!!

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So who is it that truly thinks that chickens are stupid :? We appear to have highly organised and intelligent flocks, capable of dreaming up successful escape plans :lol::lol::lol::lol:

Bit of a lucky escape though Egluntine :D . We actually forgot to put the pop hole door back on one night after cleaning the eglu :oops: .... oh the guilt in the morning when we saw what we'd done, and the massive relief when we realised that they were all safe and sound despite being exposed to the elements and predators all night . Ever since then I check and double check when I lock them up at night.

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