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Colin and Sian

Addictive isn't it?

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When we got our first chickens at the end of August I came into the forum and had a read of a few postings and :oops::oops::oops: I have to admit I thought some of you were a bit nuts! I thought why on earth would you want more than a couple of chickens or definately more than one eglu! Sorry!!


So I am eating lots and lots of humble pie as our second eglu with two chickens arrived at about 7 o'clock last night! And they're lovely!!!! :):):)


It did mean that Col and I were crawling around in the pitch black putting up the run last night which is not something I would recommend and certainly not something I would have thought I would ever do if you'd asked me a couple of months ago. Shows how much they change you doesn't it?


Anyway I now can't get the thought of cute little bantams out of my head :wink:


Col thinks that I'm aiming for an eglu city - how cool would that be!! 8)

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Wow! That's only about 6 weeks isn't it? Amazing :shock:8)8)


We'd all like more but are resisting the temptation at the moment. My 3 get on so well together I'm nervous of spoiling that, but the children think we should have a chicken each!


How are the introductions going?

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We've got three in the original eglu and two in the new one (adopted from another forum member) so theoretically we could have more (!). But I wouldn't want them to get too overcrowded so will probably leave it at that for the time being. :?


The bantams are wonderful - will definately start saving for another eglu - not a green one this time - maybe purple?


The intros are fine - I think because they are all in their original eglus so not confined together with "strangers". We let them all out this morning and they stared at each other for a while and then just got on scratching and eating so I think it's going to be OK. Will keep you informed.


How do bantams get on with the larger chooks? Do they get bullied at all?

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I'm afraid I have developed the same addiction - as we speak OH is out converting the workshop at the back of the garage! Its going to be open on 2 sides with mesh, closed on 2 sides and already has a solid metal roof with a clear 'window'. The eglu will sit on a platform. Seems such a waste of the deck we built for the eglu and the run but I think I'll use the run within the new pen for new chicken introduction - or for when I hatch out some chicks which I'd like to try.I'd like 2 or 3 more hybrids which I think could fit in the eglu at night though I'm not sure if thats enough nest space for egg laying. I got my eglu on 30/8 and can completely understand you're desire for more! Enjoy!

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Mine all lived together until very recently, and as soon as the Mark 3 comes out, I want to move them back in together, as there were no problems with bullying and the girls spend most of their time trying to get to each other now they're seperated. Last night I had to forcibly remove Bob, Kitty, Penny, Chick and Purdy from the eglu before I locked them in for the night. It was ridiculous. The pekins and Chick were in the nesting box and Kitty and Purdy were sort of wedged in between the hybrids, who were all lined up along the back of the eglu. And the bizarre thing was there was still a huge space by the eggport. If they do it again, I'll take a photo before I break them up.

Anyway, sorry, I digress. I would recommend that you get at least two banties to keep each other company. We've had awful problems with Bob since Penny went into the broody ark. She's depressed, not eating, sleeping all the time and hasn't laid for ages. But put her back with Penny and she's immediately back on form.

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