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What to do with eglu run now?

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Hi all,

DH has just built me and the girls a lovely new run for our Eglu - the kind you can stand up in, inspired by the 'Chicken Run Inspiration' sticky (thanks! :wink: )


But, now we have the Eglu run spare, and I've thought about putting it on the front garden (quite big and grassy, not used much) but not sure if it would get nicked or messed about with by passing louts of an evening - though it is a quiet area that doesn't guarantee anything!


I also wondered if I might sell it but couldn't think why anyone with an Eglu would want another run...


Any thoughts would be welcome! What did the people with lovely home-made runs do with theirs? Help!


S xx

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Im building a large 4m x4m run at the minute and intend to keep the eglu run inside it so that if the chickens pick on each other i can pop a chicken into it - the back bit which should attach to the eglu will be put up against the wire mesh (hope that makes sense?! :? )


Also if i dont need it to seperate the chickens i can try and grow back a little grass for the girls then move the run to a different spot and do it all over again! :roll::lol:

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My run is still attached to the eglu inside the big run. I feel it is extra security at night. A fox would have to get into the big run, then into the Omlet run and then, if the eglu door is closed, my chickens are still safe! Triple layered security!


I agree with everyone else, don't be hasty! You may well find a use for it.


Have you posted pictures of your run?

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At the moment my chicken run is in the garden keeping the girls away from the spinach. I have just covered the open end with a piece of chicken wire.


Essentially I keep the run and use it to attach to one of the eglu's, either in the garden or in the main purpose built hen run, when I introduce a new hen. When all introductions have been made and everyone's getting on just fine and dandy, it goes back into the garden in plant protection mode!

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I use mine to protect my fruit bushes as they are in part of the girls run. The curved shape of the sections fit round the bushes nicely and we hold them together with clips. At the end of the year when we want the girls to rootle around underneath them, we take the sections off, stack them together and put them up against the compost bin! Works a treat and we've still got the run if we need to use it at anytime.

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