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The Kitchen is more interesting than the Garden!!

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not satisfied with the Garden - the girls came into the kitchen and our sweetie perched herself on the chair for an hour. with regular visits from the 2 other girls through out. it was lovely to have her company.


They had never ventured into the house before and now we can't keep them out.


This morning our Snowbelle Hybrid accidentally flew into the paddling pool and I had to Hairdry her. This bird is so scatty its the first time that I had held her since we got her over a week ago. She put her head on my chest and let me dry her. I finally feel we have pets and not just chickens.


They are socialising with us and making us feel part of their lives - so i dont feel so bad now especially as when i saw my stripped sweet pea plant I wanted to bury them in the huge dustbath they had made in my lawn. haha

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How sweet :D


My girls were always a lot fonder of the house than the garden too :lol:

We only ever let them as far as the kitchen as this was tiled so easy to clean, however on Friday/Saturday we had our lovely Florence living in the downstairs of our house....sheets everywhere!!! :lol:

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What a fab picture! She looks so content :) I'm really glad you're enjoying them.


Our Cinnamon is a bit of a house chicken at the moment (when we're not at work). She's the only one that isn't broody so is desperate for company, bless her. I've gone so far as to put a cuddly chicken in the Cube tonight so she has something to snuggle up to. Hubby is going to think I really have lost it this time....

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great to hear that chicks are in the house. I dare not allow my girls in, they have tried a couple of times to come in via the front door...hubby would slaughter me along with the hens.


love the idea of the cuddly soft toy chick....bless hope she feels nice and warm snuggled upto it.



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They will knock on your kitchen door and even try to fly through it--at least mine do.


I let them out to free range from about half-two in the afternoon until about eight or half eight (depending on EastEnders) when I can be in earshot on the ground floor.


I have moved my computer down from the loft and the back garden is only about 35 feet long so I feel that this is the best arrangement I can manage.


They do hear me in the kitchen if I make the slightest sound and come begging for their treat bowl. Needless to say they love being in the kitchen but I have hesitated to let them venture further into the house after reading that someone's chicken made herself at home upstairs on a duvet! :lol:

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What a brill photo!!


Our girls like coming in the kitchen - it's a bit of a DIY disaster area at the moment so I'm not so keen on them being in there. Once we have finished decorating and we don't have potential chicken hazards everywhere they will be more than welcome into our house. It would be nice if we could have pets rather than just chickens :)

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