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Martin B

Purple Eglu

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Purple is cool! Go for it Martin! It looks just like the Purple on the eglu emoticon thing on here. (See below) Is it limited edition? Is it gonna be as sought after as the yellow one someday?


Its the blue colour i'm confused with. On the colour selection menu on omlet the blue looks lovely - see below




but if you select it and go through the buying procvess - ie typing in p/code etc it shows you the blue eglu, run and feeders and it looks a horrid blue!


Perhaps my next one should be "Ooops, word censored!"nal red instead?!

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The blue one would've been nice if it was a cobalt sort of blue, but I found it quite dull. But the lady who owns it prefers it like that.


I'd love a purple one, wonder if it fades though :? I was looking at my pink Rablu on Saturday as ai washed it - it has faded, but I quite like the slightly bleached pink look it has. I reckon that a sort of sage/khaki green would go down well.

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I have noticed that my cousins pink rablu has faded slightly but it looks georgeous, I quite like the pink but can't be bothered to deal with the stick I would get.


My cousins get the Internet at their house today and my oldest cousin might join the forum! :)


Here is a picture of my cousins which i took last night as they were getting ready for the halloween party they were going to.


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