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After my very wussy posting last week about having to go to the dentist,& seeing how "brave" we all are about this,I have made a rather odd decision.


I am off to the Orthodontist soon for a preliminary consultation about getting my horrible sticky-outy teeth sorted out once & for all :)


If they recommend having teeth pulled,I may well back out, but you never know........train tracks here I come :lol:

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Im in the middle of my treatment for my 'sticky out tooth' (I have one which makes me look like Nanny mcfee).


These days they can take ones out and put implants in on the same day

they can also shape crowns and things to cover up gaps and things.


dont worry your fears were the same as mine and i was put at ease with what they can do now, i am actually looking forwards to my next lot of treatment and i never thought i would say that about Dentists.


good luck


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Go for it Sarah, it really can make a huge difference. I'd love my LSH to go as he hates his teeth. They are crooked and it doesn't bother me but he has to be very relaxed to even smile properly he hates them so much. Still won't have them done though and I quote "not worth spending all that money on my teeth" When the boys have had their braces he was all "a good smile is worth the bother, makes you feel confident blah blah blah" he's such a martyr

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I hope not Lesley :? . I don't know what causes Carl's stress, so can't comment on him. But I'm sure he's not comfortable with it; I'm not saying that everyone is - just some people seem to subconsciously create these situations because they feel comfortable like that and because they thrive on is. An un-nameable person at work is like that and causes himself so much pressure that it will eventually end up killing him :?


Someone I used to know very well used to and still does the same thing - it caused him to have a seizure once. But he doesn't know how to get out of that cycle and probably isn't willing to either.


I know that I get stressed when I am tired and things get to me more. But I have learned to recognise that and try to divert it or avoid putting myself in a situation that will cause it.

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