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Another chicken eats mouse

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:shock::( eugghh.

The chickens have been in a difficult mood all day, had first escape since found where they were slipping under the fence. Today Trinny keeps landing on the fence, and earlier flew out, then Katy got out later- she's normally the good one that stays in the pen when the others wander. I went to pick her up and she was in an I'm not going to be caught mood and kept avoiding me with no squatting.

Then I saw Trinny running round the garden with a small mouse in her beak and they all chased her exciredly while she tried to find somewhere quiet to eat it. I think Katy may have got it in the end, but have no idea how it would have fitted down a beak. :? saw Katy emerge from behind the compost bin doing big swallowing motions though.

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Yep true :shock:



We had a young blackbird living in our chicken pen for a day or so and Trinny just kind of peered at it looking slightly confused. The sparrows seemed OK too. :wink:


Maybe they eat small slugs, or they'll get used to them? I remember Katy pecked at and failed to eat the first worm she encountered (ahh).

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