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Cavity Wall Insulation

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Am having lots of building work done to my house at the mo. (Repairs unfortunately...nothing glam).


It seemed sensible to have Cavity Wall Insulation done whilst the scaffolding was up.


Am amazed at how inexpensive it was.


I have a biggish house and was expecting it to cost in the thousands.


Used a comapny called Millfold, and with all the available grants arranged by them it only cost £327!!



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we have millfold coming tomorrow to do ours. £230 for a our house (3 bedrooms). The council pay £270 towards it. Next door had it done last winter and said they noticed a difference within 2 hours!!!


Just need to light the fire and stop the draught from the doors and we'll be snug as a bug in a rug :D !!!!


Christian x x x


p.s. there was a 6 week waiting list.

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I don't really have any outside walls! :shock: That sounds really stupid doesn't it?


I live in a semi-detached house and on the detached side we had an extension built which is insulated. Because of big picture windows and patio doors neither the front or the back of the house really have much wall at all.


I do live in a normal house!

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You know, its amazing, but we really can see a difference already.


Its blooming cold outside, but we're very warm and have turned the heating down a few degrees.



I know what you mean Egluntine!!!

The cavity wall guys only left an hour ago but already the house feels warmer!!!!

Still going to light the fire tonight :)


Christian x x x

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What timing as we've been thinking about doing it as well


Still tied between deciding whether to buy a new house or stay here


We want more land and found a lovely place near the River Severn but Joe was put off when I told him to check out the Environment Agency site about flooding risk - it's at risk! (ok how do I convince him that 1 in 100 is small!)


tempting to insulate here and I thought that the cost would be a couple of thousand so am quite interested to find out more!




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Do newer houses have it already? My house is a stone house built in 1994 From the websites I have looked at it talks about the way the bricks are laid as way of telling. As its a stone house they are all irregular anyway.


I don't want to waste anyones time coming round if I am likely to have it. :roll: Is there a way of telling :?:

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