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Body Clocks

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Just a quick question as i know some of us own Lumie Body Clocks. :D


Is yours still working??? :?


I have set mine the last couple of nights but by the time morning comes round it has lost time and therefore has not woken me up! :evil:


Last night i set it to 10.32 for a wake up at 8, but now the time is 8.30 and my body clock reads 7am! :evil::evil::evil:


Am i the only one this has happened to?? :(

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I haven't got one Emma, but perhaps the electricity supply to the clock is intermittent and causing it to lose time or even the settings you have programmed. Check the plug and try it in a different socket.


Just an idea anyway; we have a dodgy supply in Banbury and it often fluctuates wildly in the night - sometimes the lights go quite dim :roll:

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No i got it from www.outsidein.co.uk


I have sent them an email asking how i go about getting it replaced so i hope i will hear from them soon. :?


I have checked the supply and changed the plug socket etc but with no luck :(


It looks like the OHs nightmare alarm clock will have to come back into use - its the Hulk and it roars and makes all kinds of sirens & beeping alarms :cry::cry::cry:

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Well after raving about mine earlier, it's playing up big time now.


We've had a few power cuts because of the awful weather and my Body Clock is now losing time. Last night I set it at 11.30pm and at 7am this morning, it was convinced it was only 5.30am (if only!!)


They've asked me to call their customer service number tomorrow to go through the reinitialisation procedure with them - I'll let you know how I get on.


I hope it works as it's so much nicer to wake up to than an alarm clock. But it's too much money to spend on something unreliable ..... :(

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