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Laura & CTB

New chicken snack food!

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After weeks of trying to find something my girls like to eat other than mash, grapes and sweetcorn, today I discovered what they really love.......


Prada grabbed at something on the wall between the brickwork and the window, it looked like a small white worm and Gucci went tearing off after her to try and get it but wasnt quick enough. After this happened a couple more times I was curious as to what the heck was living in my walls...........


My girlies have been pulling out and munching strips of silicone that hold my windows in :shock::shock::shock:


Now the spare set of roosting bars is standing guard :roll:

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Laura, one of mine found a long 'worm' of silicone round the side of the house and ran round and round the garden with the others chasing her for ages - it was hilarious! Then I had to tempt them with something else in case it was swallowed (one of them has swallowed an elastic band before - never did find it!)

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