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please excuse me while i rant..

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Im so unbelievable angry at the Harlow hospital!


My nan had a fall on Saturday, broke her elbow, an banged her head.


I have been trying to get in contact with her since then. however...


1. the ward will not let me speak to her on the "ward phone". Instead she needs to set up an account on the "patient line" phone by her bed... fine...


2. Nan is in agony, has had a bang on the head, and is not "with it" so has no idea how to register herself to patient line. and the nurses are refusing to help her.


3. I am here with my credit card, perfectly happy to pay for nans phone / TV credit so that she is not sitting bored in bed..


4. patient line wont help.


5. the nurses are being very rude, and wont lift a finger to help..






I have phone patient line 25 times and the ward over 30 times in the past 24hours.. and I am getting passed from person to person..


I just want to sob :( My poor nanna is 100miles away, and bored stiff in bed, in pain.. and I cant even phone her to tell her I love her :(

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Oh Kaz, I know just what it feels like. My mum was in hospital last year and was in a very confused state after brain surgery. Fortunately my dad, sister and I could spend some time with her every day and sort out the technology for her (well maybe not my dad, bless him), but as soon as we'd sorted it out, she would forget how to use it.


In defence of the nurses though, they were run ragged when my mum was moved from HDU to a ward. I was really upset to see how thinly spread they were and how they had no time to care for their patients - it was the basics and that was all. Remind me not to get ill or have an accident.


Send positive thoughts to you nan and I'm sure she will get them. Maybe post her a card every day telling her how you feel about her - something she can keep and treasure. I really hope she recovers soon.

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Really sorry to hear about this Kaz. Patient Line is a nightmare for the elderly - we have it everytime my mum in law goes into hospital. We are fortunate that she does have family nearby to help. It's so frustrating when you cannot be there. Does the hospital have a voluntary service? Some do - the volunteers are there to help out with things like this, sit and talk etc. Might be worth trying to find out via the switchboard? Hope you get it sorted soon for both you and your Nan's sake.



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Thanks guys.


Dad is going to see her this afternoon so will set it all up for her (I hope).


Im driving down this weekend to see her..


Im so glad I pay for Bupa. when i was in hospital (7 times this year) it was a completly different experiance to NHS. worth every penny of the £35 a month I pay...

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Oh Kaz sounds like you are having a nightmare :(

I live about 100 miles away from my family too and its a real struggle when the proverbial hits the fan :evil:

I agree that nursing staff can be pressured & unfortunately patients often come second to paperwork and it just shouldnt be like that!

Do hope your nanna gets well soon :D

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