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No eggs

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I'm giving up on my girls, I have had no eggs now for about 5 weeks.


Penny has been rubbish - only 14 eggs since we got her (we love her lots though).


Marj was broody and then moutled - so has an esxcuse - as does Sylv - who has done the same thing - but they stopped 6 weeks ago - and I've been patiently waiting.


Dhlyis was my star layer - until she went broody 5 weeks ago, and is still broody.


I know winter is here, but I thought eggs would drop off - not cease altogether!!!


I even had to go and buy some eggs - and couldn't believe it when 12 organic free range were £3.59........


..........so now we are looking at new houses with more land so we can get some big proper chooks who will supply us through the winter ! I never thought chickens would be so addictive!

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Have you considered a silkie? Kitty has just started laying again having not laid at all since June when she went broody, but the eggs are nearly every day and surprisingly big with huge yolks. If you can break the broodiness, you might do well out of it. Kitty's broodiness broke when chick was about 2 weeks old, so it's taken her seven weeks to regrow her feathers and start laying again. Which means your two might start laying again soon...

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I think I've discovered the secret of winter eggs :D


Nearly all hens will stop laying when they moult - generally in the autumn. Some may start again quite quickly, but most will wait for longer daylight hours in February or March.


However, chicks from laying breeds that are hatched in May/June may well start laying just before winter and then carry on right through (I hope)!!


Rhody (2yrs) and Ginger (1yr), my RIR and New Hampshire Red bantams, both laid regularly throughout the summer, then stopped at the end of September/beginning of October.


Dixie 3 and Dixie 4 (Marans bantams hatched May/June this year) started laying in November and are providing me with a dozen eggs between them each week.


Rhody and Ginger should start again in spring and The Dixies should keep going until they moult next autumn.


So, my plan is to hatch a brood of Dixies every May/June so I always have one or two winter layers.


That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it :D

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Unfortunately I am up to my limit at the moment, from a point of housing and garden.


That's my problem too, hence we are looking at new houses for us now, that have a big garden, so we can get winter eggs.


We do seem to have gone to the extreme though - we are now looking ast houses with an acre or more to turn it into a small holding! All this for winter eggs.......

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I've only had one egg since saturday. And it's probably the Bluebell, who is incidentally sporting a lovely new purple collar and very tatty yellowing back end, and some larger feathers now in the bottom of the run from her and the Black Star so not expecting much on the egg laying front. They've had an apple today, and will get some proper yoghurt wtih sweetcorn, oatmeal and a bit of poutry spice twice next week, as last.


I've had to buy some eggs too, and they're completely odd-looking. They're very red -shelled and it's hard to see which way up they go - one of them was the wrong way up in the box! I'm not used to this. Usually we're giving them away!

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I have the same problem, got my 3 chucks in September from someone who was reducing their numbers... for 10 days, I got an egg every other day, since then nothing ! Two have moulted and we try to let them out as early as poss to get the daylight, but resigning myself to a return to supermarket eggs for the winter - boo.

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