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The Dogmother

Raspberry vodka pavlova

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He'll be having that to himself though, because I don't drink.




karen x


It's true Karen - Clare doesn't drink, and nor do I.




Sorry Clare, I didn't mean to cast nasturtians, I just thought you were a chocolate and red wine kind of girl :? I remember Lesley said she didn't drink, but obviously wasn't paying enough attention :oops:


Sorry again


karen x

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That's fine, because I'm a wild woman with plenty of vices, most people assume that I drink too.... can you imagine me if I did drink???? :shock::roll: I used to, just not any more.


I've not got a really sweet tooth eiher, the sweetest I like is cake or biscuits so long as it's not too sickly. I prefer savoury stuff, Lesley likes chocolate though :wink:

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