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Don't let the draught in! Cute.

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Susannah has been really funny the last few nights. Katy has started running away when I want to pick her up so I've been lifting her out the egg port at night to a lots of squeals of protest from Susannah as I let the cold air in.

The other night she got up in a big fluffy huff and hid behind Trinny. :x(white chicken)


Last night I heard shuffling when I shut the run door and the white ones had Katy pinned down so I would have to move all 3 of them to get her out. Susannah was stood over her and Trinny closely packed, forming a triangle formation so that only the front half of Katy's body was sticking out and I felt too mean to move them all. I'm sure it's an elaborate plan..... :lol:

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