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What is Edna?

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I've had my 3 new chooks for 2 weeks now and i think edna laid her first egg yesterday - found it in the run so doubtful one of my old girls. The thing is i was led to believe she was a whitestar - she is pure white but lays light brown slightly speckled eggs. Although white she doesn't really look like a whitestar - she's big and stocky - actually looks like hester my light sussex just without the black bits.......am bit confused :?

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Do you have any pictures?

My amber stars look almost white with just a few amber or brown markings, they lay brown eggs with speckles. They are in my album (and blog) below. Susannah is a lot whiter than Trinny.


Try http://club.omlet.co.uk/gallery2/main.php?g2_itemId=10407


eggs, usually like in the middle but can look like the paler ones too sometimes


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Our Amber Star was totally white, the only way we could tell her and the White Star apart was from their build. While Star, the White Star, was slim and elegant, Amber was a plump, little stocky girl, with enormous feet.

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My Whitestar Lily is pure white (& mud brown most of the time),slim build & lays gorgeous pure white eggs :P

She has the most enormous wibbly red comb - much bigger than even the stockiest hen in my flock.

I hope this is helpful - maybe you have an Amberstar there???


Our Whitestar fits this description as well - and our Amberstar is white with the tiniest bit of fawn.

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8) Yes, I didn't know the difference before you posted, But I have a pure white (before mud) skinny, skittish whitestar with enormous red floppy comb, who lays pure white eggs, as the others say.

So, it does seem that you have an amberstar or similar.

I've learnt something else on this forum. :)

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