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Gluten Free?

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Hi Kaz - thanks and i would be interested if you PM me. :D


I have spoken to my team member at work and she believes once you are diagnosed with Coeliac Disease it can be managed on a gluten free diet and therefore is not life threatening it will be good to hear about how you managed to eat wheat again as she loves a nice bacon butty! :lol:


I have PM'd you :)


Just so you know.. Coeliacs Desease is an allergy to gluten.. which is different to a wheat intollerance.


People with Coeliacs have a sever allergic reaction to the gluten protien.


If you have a wheat intollerance, it means your body can not process the wheat germ, but it does not give you an allergic reaction, instead it gives you IBS.


People with wheat intollerence can normally eat other gluten products (such as oats / rye)


and people with Coeliacs can eat wheat products without the gluten protien :)


some coeliacs can even have oats in small doses.

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But if you have been diagnosed Coeliac you should NOT eat Oats unless you have spoken to your doctor or dietician - there is no real way of seeing whether you can eat them other than eating them - and that causes all sorts of problems.


One of the hardest thing about being Coeliac is avoiding gluten - its in so many things and whilst labelling is getting better it does make life difficult when food shopping.


And whenever a manufacturer puts the words "new improved recipe" on the packet its :roll::roll::roll:


For example Kellogs now put barley malt in all their cereal. Which means Coelliacs cant eat it. Walkers have changed the recipes to their crisps so whilst salt and vinegar are ok cheese and onion are now off the list :roll:


I bet you can see me now.


In the Supermarket (my favourite place............not)

Coeliac "bible" in one hand (tells you what you have and what you cant)

"Ethical Shopping" book in the other...........

muttering about buying gluten free, buying ethically, English, buying local, buying seasonal.............







Mind you, I get through the checkouts sooner with everyone drawing aside their skirts as mad woman from dorset goes stomping about :oops::roll::lol:

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I created a whole webpage still on coeliacs. as when I was (incorrectly) diagnosed I did heaps of research on it. It might help a few people out on here!




my friend is coeliacs and can tollerate oats (which has made her life a little easier)... always best to chat with your doctor before trying it...


the coeliac society (who I still have links with), have started allowing things with low amounts of oats on their coeliacs list!

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Having met Mel (&Paul) and spoken to others about this disease, I would say its not "best" to chat with your Dr. I would say you'd be Bl**d* stupid not to, since the possibility of a severe reaction would just be too awful to take the risk.


Edit: I have just received a pm from Kaz, concerned about this post. I would like to point out that I am simply stating the fact that if you have a diagnosed condition, it would be foolish to try something without the express advice of a doctor. Apologies to anyone who read this in any other way, includign Kaz

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Just thought I would clear up a few things that people seem to be confused by.


I was diagnosed as being a coeliac at university, and I automatically swapped to a gluten free diet. This made me put on around 2-3 stone as a lot of specialised the gluten free foods are extreemly high in fat.


I went on weight watchers and lost it all in around 30weeks. That was around 3 years ago. Since then I have spent a lot of effort helping people to eat healthy and cope with restricted diets. I dont need to follow a diet anymore, but I enjoy eating healthy :) (I am human so do have blips of course)


It was only this year during an operation this summer that my consultant descovered I was incorrectly diagnosed, and it was an intollerence + another condition that was causing my extreem reaction, the other condition has now been resolved, which has just left me the wheat intollerence.


The consultant recomended I limit my intake, as its obviously not ideal for my body, however I made an informed decision not to make a huge fuss about it, and just enjoy my life. I feel like I have been given a second chance, and Im taking it :)


Hope that makes things clear. sorry if my ramblings look messy. I am not the best person with the written word!

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Carl's Mum was diagnosed coeliac yesterday - in her 70's? :? Is that normal? She was severely anaemic and having dizzy spells.


At the moment I think she thinks it's the end of the world but I've got lots of info. ready for her and when I placed my order with Goodness Direct, I included some nice gluten free items for her as well as some staples like flour and crackers.


She eats like a sparrow anyway but she will miss her toast in the mornings for a while.

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Thanks Kaz - she doesn't have a computer so I'll have to print details out for her.


I found something called Mountain Bread today - have you tried any of those? They do single cereal varieties so you can choose which you have and make all sorts of things with them.


I've ordered some to see what they are like.


Check them out here

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oh no.. never heard of that.


A friend once brought me some gluten free bread.. the man had tried a couple of recipes.. and this was his second recipe..


The bread had...


"Tommys number two" written accross it which is a rather unfortunate name for a brown loaf of bread




have you tried Doves farm? they do a good range of flours and cereals?

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I was diagnosed coeliac 12 months ago :shock: and some of the ready prepared breads and cakes are really horrible :vom: but M&S do a very nice moist Christmas cake and mince pies, the cake tastes like fruit cake should do :D


Most other things I either don't bother with or make myself a lot of the biscuits are so dry it's like eating dry pollyfilla :(


Lesley a late diagnosis, is probably due to having mild symptoms for years, and finally someone has looked into it properly :roll: , her aneamia will improve now too as iron absorption is impeded in coeliacs, due to the gut lining being affected by the bodies reaction to gluten, which destroys the villi in the gut.


Hope she feels better soon :D


karen x

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The ranges in supermarkets are FAR better than about 15 years ago when Paul was diagnosed - back then the pasta was revolting - like the water you chucked out when you had seriously overcooked the rice :vom:


The bread isnt much better (good as a leathal weapon if thrown at someone.......) but Paul has his toasted - which is better - it sticks together better too.


The main thing is the labelling - far better - you often get brands saying contains gluten or gluten free.


Once Carl's mum is on the diet she will be amazed at how mcuh better she feels.


Pauls uncle has been ceoliac for about 20 years (in his 30s) and Paul was diagnosed in his early 30s. Back then they said it wasnt hereditry - but once Paul's mum was diagnosed (mid 50s) they did say there was a link.


Carl's mum must make sure she eats properly and also gets lots of calcium - there is a link between coeliac and osteoporisis (spelling?)


It does seem like the end of the world to start off with but things are so much better.


When Paul was diagnosed he had been taken into hospital all blues and twos weighing 6 stone and I thought he had cancer or something horrible.


Whislt it can be a real pain with catering actually the fact that he has to avoid gluten is not a big deal when you think what could have been.



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