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How do I stop my chook going AWOL to lay?

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I just wondered if any of you had had escape artist chickens?


One of my ex-batts Pixie keeps escaping and I didn't think anything of it untill I saw her hide under a bush and not come out for a while :roll: she had laid 8 eggs for me in a little hollow under a bush in the border.


I don't mind her wandering around the garden, just want to teach her where to lay :?


For a chook used to spending her days in a cage, she sure likes her wide open spaces now:lol:



karen x

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Karen i can be no help here but with a name like Pixie she obviously wants to be at the bottom of the garden in a bush where all the other Pixies hang out!!! :wink::lol::lol:




I tried to keep her in the omlet run this morning, but she was running up and down, not taking her eyes off the bush, I thought it might make her too stressed, so I let her out , sure enough she escaped :roll: and I picked the egg up later :lol:


I had to go out and didn't see where she gets out, and I really have checked the fencing with a fine tooth comb, clever chook that one :lol:


karen x

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