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Christmas Lights - a reminder!

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My son helped me set up the tree today. I bought new lights last year - a fairly expensive set.


Just as we finished the lights and were going to be working elsewhere in the house or outside, my son's friend called in and we all sat and had coffee.


Suddenly, there was a fizzing sound and the transformer set on fire - the lights were still working :shock: . They were quickly unplugged and we were left with just smoke coming from the transformer.


I would have left those lights on while I went some distance from the house :? My daughter puts her tree lights on in the morning and leaves them on until bedtime - she has an office at theend of their garden and not in the house where the tree is :?


How many of us leave them on because we've not actually 'left' the house? :?

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Oh my goodness! That's awful - good job you were around Lesley! :shock:

I'm afraid mine are on a timer so come on in the morning and go off at night whether I am in or not (although am not often out) - but I might need to rethink that!


Trouble is OH is a sparky so he starts poo pooing if I suggest that something electrical may not be very safe! :roll:

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I could easily have died when I was little due to christmas tree lights. My grandfather was supervising me and my little sister, and had put us upstairs for a nap after lunch.


My grandparents had real candles on the tree, and my grandfather wasn't in the room. The neighbour spotted through the window that the tree had started to catch light, dashed in through the unlocked french windows (we're talking about a few years ago!), and chucked the tree out! :shock:


Guess no-one has real candles on trees any more - good job too!

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A good warning Lesley.

Can I also suggest that people dont leave their washing machines / dishwashers running if they are out? When I first started in insurance (yawn... stick with me..............) I dealt with a number of house fires caused by electrical appliances overheating. Houses and contents can be replaced but lives / memories / photos / pets cant.

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Oooops, I do that a lot Mel :oops: . Regularly in the morning before I go to work I switch on the washing machine and the dishwasher, so that everything's clean and waiting for me when I get home from work. I did once return home to a thankfully mini flood where the washing machine hose had become partially dislodged, but never really thought about the risk of it overheating and catching fire. I'll try and avoid doing that from now on I think :wink:

Thanks for the advice :D .

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