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Aunty e

NEVER going away again.

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I left the chickens for the weekend with plenty of food and water and I asked my lodger (he of the 'collecting' the broodies eggs) to keep an eye on them, and if he let them out, to count them back in.


When I went out this morning, Bob was running around the garden. Where she had been roaming since Saturday morning. apparently, he 'forgot' we had ten. Not nine. So he left my poor defenceless sick pekin out in the cold with the foxes for two nights. I KNEW I should have counted them when I got hoome at midnight last night. She looks fine, so she must have found somewhere warm to sleep, but she won't have had access to proper food since saturday, and she's already underweight. I know I probably wouldn't have found her last night and cried myself to sleep thinking the fox got her, but I feel desperately guilty, as I remember thinking there was more room than usual in the eglu.


Next time I go away I'm leaving a photograhp of all the chooks and a tick list.

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What are they like????? I hope that she's ok.


My lovely house-sitter once forgot to empty the bunnies' litter tray for a WHOLE WEEK. This is despite me leaving a run-down of everything that needed doing. When I got back they were knee deep in their own poo and wee - it took me ages to get rid of the mess and smell :twisted:


He hasn't done it again.

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Yes thankfully, and I'm sure she would have done so this weekend if I'd asked, but foolishly I thought they'd be ok. I went and bought guilt treats today so they can have some apples and porridge tomorrow morning. Lodger is very apologtic. I'm cat sitting a six month old kitten for a friend at the moment and I've emphasised how careful we need to be that she doesn't get out. I might tattoo it on his forehead as he sleeps just to make sure.


Just shut the eglu door to find chick patrolling and honking at me fiercly. Think I'll need to call the farm soon, suspect Chick may be about to show his true colours :cry:

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