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christmas dinner

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i had to do it, i had to give the chooks a little christmas dinner. and got some rather interesting information in the process.


2g dried mealworms

10g sunflower hearts

30g sweetcorn.


just to make sure there was no over indulging i got them out one at a time and sat them down to tuck in to there christmas dinner.


henno had 1st sitting, sweetcorn then mealworms finished off with a delightful beak of sunflower hearts


gerty was on 2nd sitting, sweetcorn first followed by a cheeky glass of sunflower hearts, then finished by the mealworms.


noodle was on 3rd sitting, sunflower seeds then a nice tasty mouthful of mealworms, but for her the brussell sprout of the chicken world.....sweetcorn, she just didnt want to know. not having any of it no way.


finnally nuggett, well lets just say she didnt really care what went down when, she just pecked away with glee and wild abandon went off and put her feet up, her paper hat all on the wonk and tinsel in her feathers.


surprisingly they still had room for warm pellets and grain later on. :wink:

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mine had all of the outers of the brussels sprouts, boiled parsnip, boiled carrots a handful of selected mealworms and a little bit of grain - they were very happy. So happy in fact that Fenny flapped her wings and I think flew over the garden fence out into the dangerous world of the allotment!! After a mad 10 minutes when I panicked and searched and Clara called forlornly she came strutting back along the pathway next to my fence. Tomorrow I shall put them back onto normal rations (and look up wing clipping in the hencyclopaedia!!

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