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Guest Ginette

Cockerel Dinner set

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It's gorgeous isn't it Ginette :D:D:D

I saw it in a brochure that fell out of one of the Sunday supplements a couple of months ago, and had real difficulty restraining myself then. Still struggling, but honestly I don't need another dinner service.... really I don't :roll:

I also quite liked the canvas cockerel pictures. As soon as I can work out where to hang them I'll be ordering one..... or 2 (pictures always look better in pairs don't they :wink: ). Unfortunately some of my walls are looking a bit cluttered, so I'd need to get rid of something first.... otherwise my home could end up looking like a 1980's guest house :shock::shock:

What I really do want are some new mugs. This past couple of weeks several of my mugs have got smashed by careless, clumsy oiks :shock: (aka hubby & darling children :evil: ), and now I've only got a motley selection of non-matched mugs. So I want some nice, preferably chickeny ones. Has anyone seen any anywhere?

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I saw it last night when I was looking through their catalogue - but I don't need any more china :roll:


I need more mugs though. I allocate the exisiting mugs according to how likely the person is to drop it :wink: I like some mugs more than others so don't give them out to workmen or children (or Carl - he's an accident waiting to happen :roll: ) I'd really like a matching set.

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Not long back from a shopping trip, and I have to report that Matalan has some very nice chicken crockery, including mugs.

It's definitely every day type crockery, rather than dinner party best if you know what I mean, but a pale lemony yellow with kind of sponge painted effect chickens/ cockerels on them. Unfortunately there's no pics of them on their website or I'd have posted a link.

Even more unfortunately hubby was with me doing his best :roll::roll::roll: , and "we really don't need any more mugs, plates, bowls" speech.

Well we do need more mugs, but Matalan on a Saturday afternoon was not the best place for an argument, so I left empty handed. I'll nip back there next week when he's at work :wink:

Oh, and each item only cost £2....... bargain 8):D:D:D

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Same for me too Lesley - thankfully there is a Matalan in Quedgeley not 5 minutes walk away so may take a stroll over tomorrow......after I have gone to the retail park to get a Wii Nunchuk and Argos in Bristol for a Wii remote :roll:


We got given two nice bone china mugs for Christmas with chickens on too so doing well on the mug front!




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