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Need a chicken carer!

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Help! I desperately need to find a chicken carer for when I go away on holiday in February!

My usual chicken carer nextdoor neighbour is ill (suspected cancer ) & has no energy, so the last thing he will want to do is look after my cheeky chickens! Unfortunately, my parents are on their holiday at the same time. My sister lives miles away & isn't very trustworthy when it comes to my girls. So I am looking for someone to come and pop in and look after my chooks in the comfort of their eglu & run for 15 days in February! My only really last hope is a lady's daughter who lives in the next street. She does seem quite responsible as she does walk her dog, but I'd prefer someone who knows about chooks and how the eglu works & who is willing to empty the poo tray!!!!! Free eggs & I am willing to pay ( what would be a suitable pay for this? )

If anyone knows of anyone who could do this for me - please put me in touch with them! I am in Sandbach, Cheshire.

Thanks a lot.

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OK I am the person Lesley has prodded but not sure if I can help...................I wouldn't be able to get to Sandbach every day it is too far and I am not too sure after recent events involving my chickens being attacked by a Harris Hawk that you would want them to come here, also dates in Feb may not tie up, school holidays may be difficult if we are away...........Sorry I am not being much help but am still at sixes and sevens with Ginger being so poorly.......Although some eggs would be lovely....... :lol:

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Hi evryone - you are all so kind! I'm going to see if the man from the small animal place in Sandbach could pop in. My mum & dad take there parrot there & I know he does have chickens on holiday there! But they are in a normal hen house & run & I'd worry about foxes!

So I'd prefer them to be in their eglu! I'm even worried about my eglu going on grass if I were to take it there, incase foxy loxy digs underneath!

I'll have another think, but if no joy then I may have to shout up here again!

Thanks everyone!

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