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Transgenic Chickens

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Hmmm . . . I'm not sure about this.


What would happen if an human ate an egg with human DNA in it? Or even a chicken?


What would happen if these hens managed to mate? Would the next generations of chicks eventually turn into humans? :? Would they get cleverer?


Much as I support cancer research, I still get concerned about mucking around with animals, especially after the BSE/vCJD scares. I need reassurance that nothing can go wrong here.


But I love the idea that chickens can save the world! :D Johannes was saying as much in February's Organic Life magazine!

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I worry about all the interfering with nature that goes on now. :? Although I do recognise that scientific research can bring about huge benefits for people with certain illnesses/diseases. I'm sure this sort of thing will be done under strictly controlled conditions.

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I read about this in bed last night (it was on the front page of the Sunday Times, along with a photo of a cute chicken...). At first I was horrified, then I was quite pleased, then I did not know what to think.


I too worry about the gene mutating, what would happen if a human eats one of the eggs, and (of course) the welfare of the chickens - they are unlikely to be free-ranging?


The scientists are excited because the gene can be bred into the chickens and passed down the generations. but like all of these things I keep thinking But But But But... its wrong to interfere with nature (IVF for old ladies yeeuch!). I know we have been interfering with nature for a long time but it is all happening at such a great pace it feels like it could go out of control.


Oh well, apparently in another 100 years Britain is going to be tropical anyway, so if the mutant chickens don't get us, the heat will.

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These eggs would never make it into the food chain folks :lol:


This is done so that the useful bit is contained within the protein of the egg white so you can harvest the material without having to do something mean to a live animal :wink: The eggs won't be fertilised :shock:


It is alot kinder than the alternatives 8)

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They won't be able to escape as they will probably be housed indoors :shock:


They will have lives of luxury as the value of one of these guys will be huge so they certainly don't want to lose them :lol:


There are very strict rules about the way they are kept space requirements etc it will all be fully regulated and inspected :shock:


Don't know about their chances of free ranging though :? I doubt it as the products are ultimately for human use so they must be kept super clean without out risk of any disease so outside would be unlikely :(

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I can't make up mind what I think about this either. :?


I guess that as chickens lay eggs anyway they are not being forced to do something that they will think is unnatural......so long as they will be well looked after and there are no random side effects result from the human DNA.. :?

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