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Anguished phone calls at work

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Thought I'd post this one because I got a funny phone call at work yesterday, and now all the staff are finally convinced that I, and my family, have finally flipped :shock:

Had to leave my not quite 14 yr old son home alone yesterday, gave him loads of ground rules, concluding with ring me if you have any problems. He'd arranged to have a friend around, and friends Mum was willing to help out if there were any dire emergencies, but otherwise they were on their own.

Mid-morning I get a phone call, reception put it through to me, with an it's your son, he sounds upset. So, heart in mouth I took it (patient waiting patiently in front of me, but I'm expecting domestic crisis, so said patient was expected to wait- unprofessional or what :oops: ). The problem :?: Well he was upset because I'd not heard my mobile ring and he'd been forced to go through reception, a challenge for anyone it has to be said. The reason for the phone call? He'd put some bacon on to grill when Brie went in to lay her egg. He knoew Onion's was already in the nesting box, but he'd left it in there so that he could give his mate the treat of collecting his own fresh, warm egg to have in a bacon and egg sandwich. But by the time he rang me the bacon was burnt to a frazzle and Brie still hadn't finished. Did I know a way of hurrying her up because they couldn't possibly eat cold bacon :shock:

Boys :roll::roll::wink:

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