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Chickens and pools?

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Hi I want to get an eglu and some chickens BUT I have an 18ft above ground pool in the garden im not worried about them getting in it, im worried they will damage it, its made of 3 layers of plastic but would my hens peck at it? Im just worried because it would be really expensive to replace! Ive had no problems with my cats and the pool though.



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We have a 10ft by 10ft below ground pond...and as of yet I have had no attempts of them going in it *touch wood*.

My girls free range every day and of course I cant watch them all the time.


I would have thought an above ground pool would be ok, but I suppose you cant 100% guarantee anything :wink:


Wing clipping would prevent the birds getting any sort of "lift". But I would remove the pool ladder as chickens are very clever (well mine are!) and they probably would go up the ladder :shock::lol:


The other answer would be to get some ducks...they'd love the pool :wink:

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Hi tpj,


Wow, you didn't take much persuasion :wink::lol: (that's what we like to hear!)


So, now you've decided to take the plunge (excuse the pool pun :oops: ) we will all be waiting to hear what colour eglu you will choose, how many chickens, possible names for your new ladies.....



......not that we're a nosey bunch! :lol::lol::lol:

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Sounds lovely, just be careful they don't drown in it - chooks can be silly birds and an omleteer had a hen drown quite recently. Sorry, I can't remember who it was :?


Now who is it that has one of those big pools too....? Either Cinnamon or Kate A I think :? Sorry, my memory's rubbish at this time of night :roll:


It was Kaz who lost a chicken in the pond...


I have one of those above ground pools - the girls kept their distance - maybe it's because it used it one day to dunk Spot - to try to shock her out of being broody!!





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And its me that has an above ground pool, but my hens are in a big pen so they never get to venture near to it.


In fact we have now given up on the pool & will be using the lovely green water that developed in the drought last summer to water the garden this summer :lol:

Now the children are bigger its not really big enough, so we are either going to get a hot tub or go for a "proper" pool.


Sorry, rambling on about pools & summer, but its freezing here & I can't wait to be warm again :lol:

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