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You want to see the state of my kitchen!

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Him Indoors has had a rush of blood to his head and has made an apple pie!


It will be lovely I'm sure, but he has used every pot and pan we possess and has left a trail of flour all over the floor. In fact there is more on the floor than there is in the pie!


The pots are jumbled in the sink and so are the apple peelings.


And as for the kitchen surfaces well....it's best not to go there.:shock:


Bless 'im :roll:

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Carl does most of our cooking - except in January :? - I've just got used to not going in the kitchen until a bit later in the morning. He's quite well trained and by then he will have loaded the dishwasher.


The only bit I have left to do is to wipe all the work surfaces - because, you know all those appliances that are glued down and collect lots of crumbs? :wink:


I'm not complaining :D

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