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Bless This Chick

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Last Lemon Productions are a company who design and develop characters.

You may have heard of Harolds Planet - which is everybody's ideal place to live at one time or another.....see www.haroldsplanet.com




Some of you may have seen my use of Vimrod in various postings....see below...another endearing character of theirs






Their latest venture looks very amusing, and I thought some of you on here might like to have a look at their new invention - Bless This Chick. There are some great user names on the forum, and no doubt you all had a nickname at one time or another, well this is the perfect place to submit some suggestions....have a look at the link below and suggest a name for them



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Checked out this site and submitted a name. This morning received an email to say the name had been approved. I will be receiving my very own icon.

Btw the name I submitted was Pippylongstocking. I used to get called this at junior school because I was the tallest and skinniest girl in the class. Other names I got called where lanky and beanpole which used to upset me a great deal.



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Pippylongstocking - what a gorgeous nickname! I'm sure they'll love that!


One of my very good friends used to be a very good swimmer. She was also extremely tall and slim and always wore a red swimming cap until she realised that she used to get called Match! Children can be so cruel - although I have to admit, we do laugh about that nickname now!


I submitted ginapopcorn. A nickname that was given to me by my dad and still sticks at home, although it has now been shortened to 'poppa' in my later years! (My Dad is a bit mad)


Would love to see your icon when you get it! We'll do swopsies :lol:

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