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New home wanted for Trik

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.....it wasn't his fault he was born male!


A guy from my work has a beautiful male Silkie callled Trik who is need of a new home. He was bought with his two sisters before his owner was able to tell if he was a male or a female.


I know it's a long shot as most people only want hens but there is no harm in asking.


He currently lives in Foxton which is on the A10 about 8 miles South of Cambridge.




He is a full size Silkie (i.e. not a bantam), and is 6 months old

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Thanks for the suggestions, they sound like the best idea, I'll pass them on to his current owner.


I'm trying not to get too deeply involved in the rehoming as I know I'll end up feeling personally responsible for his fate - does that sound really mean? :( I get attached to animals so easily though.


Thanks again xx

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I had the same problem and someone gave me details for Xmas Tree Farm near Sevenoaks, i know it may be a trek for you, but they have a petting farm and loads of different types of animals, they took my 3 boys with no trouble, and i know they wont be used for culling or anything like that,

Hopefully this summer i will be taking my children there as i had never even heard of the place and we hope to see our boys there,

The link is.



Hope that may be some help.


Tracey xxx

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