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Am I the only Cricket fan?

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My Grandma, Dad and brother are all huge Kent fans and i am nominally cos thats where i was born (though i have a soft spot for Warwickshire too Martin, cos i lived there as well for a while.)


However, i refuse to support Sussex where i live now cos i know it winds OH up that i don't! :wink::D - not that he gives a monkeys about cricket, he just think i should support them having lived here longer then anywhere else!


Football and Athletics are much more exciting sports though.... I'd rather play rounders then cricket. Cricket just goes on to long...

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I like cricket :D:D


My grandad used to play - apparently he was very good. I have vague memories of going to watch him when i was little :D


There's nothing better that spending a lovely sunny afternoon lying in the sun watching and listening to a game of cricket.




SKI SUNDAY - it's on next sunday @ 4.35pm BBC2 - always used to watch it, hadn't realised it was still on.

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