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For those of us.....

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For those of us who have remained cardless and presentless today, perhaps you would like to join me in a rendition of.......


"Ooops, word censored!"ody loves me,

Everybody hates me

Think I'll go and eat worms........

Big fat juicy ones,

wee squirmy squishy ones,

See how they wiggle and squirm.......


Anyone else want a big glass of wine, and large portion of G&B's to see us through the night?! :lol:

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I did get a card, and the chooks ate my share of worms today (I turned over some of my borders this afternoon and a LOT of worm eating went on :shock: ).......... but I didn't get any exciting presents and quite clearly I'm not as interesting as the x-box tonight :roll::x , so I'd love to join you in a rather large glass of something :D

Are you leading the singing tonight? :D:D

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No card or present for me either :? OH said that we had agreed not to give anything to each other this year :?


Never mind :roll: It was our wedding anniversary on Sunday and I did get flowers and a DVD :D I forgot to get him anything :oops:


Well in that case - no wine OR chocolates for you, young lady!

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I don't do wine or chocolates, but got flowers and a card. The Boy must've snuck into my house in the dead of night and left them 8)


Also got an anonymous card through the post - couldn't read the postmark :? ......................Graham....was that you? :shock:


Don't eat worms Shona, they're so sweet 8) I talk to the worms in my wormery when I feed them.

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