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S"Ooops, word censored!"sotre is basically this big place that takes in trade waste. A lot of it is prototype packaging that went wrong, therefore unneeded and anyone can come to collect it! It's really useful and I got a lot of coloured plastic this time, and I'm going to make some more recycled hens out of it.

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A great Blog - (and I also had a look at Martins too from the link - fabby too) It's nice to put a face to your name. I think both you and Martin are gorgeous young people and both have very healthy and inspirational attitudes. I'll pop back to the blog often.




.. and you're lovely too Gina! :D

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:lol: I know I will.


No Martin, it's not the exact one you bought though! I used the same picture, but it's for someone else.


I really like the hens I made last night though! It's a revels hen!!!



Also if you want to find out more about s"Ooops, word censored!"stores, click here and it will take you to a post about them on the It's not easy being green forum.

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