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Lynn in Bristol

I'm feeling a bit dim!

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We lost 2 chickens to a fox a month ago, including our Miss Pepperpot (imaginatively named Pepper). We replaced her with an MP lookalike, Lavender, who is a fantastic layer, but sadly her eggs are a rather dull beige. When our second replacement, a meadowsweet ranger laid her first diddy egg, I was rather disappointed to see that it was almost identical in colour. I miss having a box full of colourful eggs!


Anyway, I agonised over this dilemma for at least a week, and decided that as we've now invested in a run extension, we could squeeze in another chicken. I've always wanted a bantam and as an avid Archers fan, I've always fancied a Welsummer, (Jill Archer has some). When I found out they come in bantam size....


To my surprise, hubby said, "why not go on Sunday?" I've been longing to visit the Domestic Fowl Trust, and saw on their website that they do have Welsummer Bantams. Just in case, I phoned in advance...


"Do you have any Welsummer bantams?"


"No, they haven't started laying yet."


I felt really stupid. Of course, "proper" chickens, like organic veg, are seasonal! It had never occured to me.


I resisted the temptation to go for the Sussex miniatures or Pekins they did have. Come the summer, I will have my brown eggs!

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Martin's right - Buffie had a bad experience trying to do that last year. It CAN work, but you need to be prepared for a lengthy introduction and the possibility that they might need to have seperate quarters even at the end of that. I have 8 hens - 7 of them are bantams or miniatures, but one is a Poland/Araucana cross, who is quite a bit bigger, I was worried about introducing her, but she has such a lovely temperament that it went well.

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Medowsweet do some nice coloured egg layers. They have the Heritage Skyline with blue eggs, the Whitestar with white eggs & they do a deep brown layer,though I can't remember the name.

Look up their site....they have agents all over & a big hen (or 2 as you are getting a run extension :wink: ) will mix better with your established girls than a Bantam :P

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Thanks for the advice! I'll do some more research. I guess we've been lucky so far introducing new girls, as they've all got on well pretty much straight away. Maybe we should get two bantams so that they could be friends...(maybe we should move to another house with a bigger garden)...


As for the cats' names, Macallan, who is a gorgeous chocolate burmese, came with the name. All the kittens in the litter were named after single malts. When we got two kittens last year, ostensibly for the kids, I 'persuaded' my six year old to call her kitten Talisker. I did a Geology degree (more years ago now than I'd care to admit to) and spent seven weeks on the Isle of Skye, where some locals introduced my friend and I to the delights of the local single malts. Talisker's a glamorous Burmilla so deserves a special name.


My son named his cat Sapphire (brown burmese tortie - we've always had burmese) after the title of my first (spectacularly unpublished) book. It is a make of gin, apparently, so it sort of fits.


Strangely enough, the children both think they chose the names themselves - the power of the parent!

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