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Not sure if I have made the right decision

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So, my Eglu & chickens arrived toady, dead on time.

However, they only bought 2 Chickens with them, when I had ordered 3!

So, I phoned up at 1pm & they said someone would bring the missing chicken to me ...................it is now nearly 7.30, & no sign yet.


I have been in all day,waiting, & to be frank I am getting a little fed up.


On top of this, the Pepperpot keeps pulling the feathers out & pecking her flesh on her back just in frount of her tail, & it has left a large, scabby, bloody bare patch.

My Daughters won't go near "too gross, Mum"

It looks horrible.In fact it is really gruesome :(


Maybe I am just fed up with waiting in all day, but I can tell you, I have just about had it.


You have all been so lovely on this forum,both friendly & wise.

But I am thinking that maybe I made a rash decision getting these chickens.

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Oh Sarah, it'll all be better tomorrow, I'm sure. The guys will deliver the other hen, they're true to their word. Perhaps they're delayed? If they don't turn up today, give them a ring tomorrow. There might be someone there - there usually is someone around sometime at the weekend.


If you've got some Germolene in the house, rub some on the Pepperpots back - they don't like the taste and it might stop her feather pulling. It'll certainly make sure the wound doesn't go nasty.


I worried myself that I'd made the wrong decision when Jenny started crowing her head off on the second day. I was prepared to send her back but she's still here over a year later!


Be brave and see what tomorrow brings before you give up. Hopefully your third hen has already arrived.


Good luck and let us know how it goes.


Big hug.

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Oh dear sarah - you do sound very frustrated. Try not to get overly stressed...it could be something as simple as traffic which is preventing your hen delivery...Omlet are very lovely people and will be doing everything right for you, but more importantly for the missing hen.


I'm also sorry to hear about your pecking hen. You'll soon be putting this down to experience and will be able to advise us lot of the problem if it occurs and we panic as you are.


Keep your chin up - you've had so much time to wait that you've pre-emptied all your emotions and have been hit with something you weren't expecting.


Tomorrow will bring about a calmer you, and you will feel much better. I hope your two girls are settling in, and are happy.


Big Squeeze - the kids will come round when they realise what wonderful pets the chooks make xx

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Just a quick update.

James arrived at about 8.00, & he was just wonderful.

He took the Pepperpot away, & has promised she will be replaced soon.

The new hen "Gwen" is gorgeous & seems to be settling in well.


Poor James went from Banbury to London to me, which was quite a trip, but he still managed to be completly charming & very knowledgeable.


I am now going to have a BIG red wine, a hot bath & get my dressing gown on.


After all......tomorrow is another day :)

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From what I've gathered from all my chats with James - he's an absolute star and a real gent so it comes as no surprise that he came up trumps tonight. Good decision with the Pepperpot. At least you'll have a new hen without any problems which is always a good thing. Congratulations on the new arrival!!


So glad it all worked out in the end.

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:shock::D STICK WITH IT ... and well done James .. he is a sweetie, and delivered my hens just over a year ago.


I was so lucky and Ginger and Pepper never had a cross word ... though it DOES happen. Mrs Snowy was a good re-introduction after Pepper, and I have been fortunate ... but PLEASE do not give in or be dis-heartened. They do settle ... and I will join you in a glass of red (alls thats left in the house apart from Bud :evil: ), and toast to "a new day". :D .



Best wishes .....

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Well I was up at 5.30 this morning just ITCHING to get in the garden & see the chickens, but I had to wait for my Daughter Cleo to wake as I had promised her that she could do the first door opening !

She is a huge animal lover, & even held the Chickens while they had their wings clipped.

She woke at about 7.00, opened the Eglu door & the Chickens popped out looking happy & healthy.


I meant to say also that they took themselves off to bed all on their own at 9.00 last night, which was great. I has visions of having to shoo them in at midnight with red wine in hand & dressing gown billowing, :D


We are looking forward to the new Pepperpot arriving, although things sem so harmonious between the 2 Gingernuts (I MUST start calling them by their names!),that it almost seems a shame to rock to boat.


They have not touched their food at all, & seem happy pecking at the grass. We shall try some treats later today.


We are looking forward to a happy, sunny, Chickeny Bank Holiday Weekend :D

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8) Hi *Sarah*, just catching up, how are Jenny, Gwen & Rosie settling together now? Hope you've had a great 4 days with them so far. :D

Love the avatar...but don't change it! I get confused as I associate people with their pics...and it doesn't take much to confuse me!

Hope the egg was yummy, the first of many. 8)

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