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My daughters LOVE Nandos chicken, but we didn't go there the last time we were looking to eat out in Reading,as we were not sure where they get their chickens from.

So,I did a little research & found this statement on their website,which I thought I would share with you lot,in case anyone else was wondering -



" Nando’s uses A Grade, barn-reared chickens, which are sourced from the UK, with the exception of some of our chicken breast fillets, which are sourced from Holland. Our chicken is supplied to us fresh, never frozen from Faccenda the 2nd largest supplier in the UK and our Halal chicken from Freemans of Newent.

Nando’s chickens are housed in straw-bedded, well-ventilated barns and they have constant access to food and water. They are fed non-GM feed and are free from antibiotic growth promoters. We can assure you of this because our producers adhere to strict standards laid out by the ACP (Assured Chicken Production) and are also regularly audited by our own Welfare team.


Our business is chicken, and their health & happiness is a priority for us, because any problems for our chickens is a problem for us."

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I used to love Nandos chicken, but stopped eating it when I became more aware to the plight of chickens in the food chain, and I do miss their grilled chicken with hot spices.

That statement sounds like it should be reassuring, and I suppose it does sound good, but I'm a bit of a cynic, I've seen too many pics of "barn reared" chickens living in over-crowded conditions and too fat to support their own body weight. So I'm not sure :?

I quite like their veggie burger option now, I've got very used to not eating chicken anywhere except for home.......... and I think on balance I'll stick with it.

Thanks for posting that though Sarah, it's good to know that a big chain like that is trying to use ethically treated chicken.

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I just figure that if the children are going to eat chicken when they are out,& they are encouraged to do so by us & by the media as it is a healthier option,then its better to eat a barn raised chicken than something that has not been raised so well.

Of course it would be better still to only eat free range & organic as we try to at home,but that isn't always an option for spur of the moment treats :?


It is horribly ironic that we are all encouraged to eat chicken as a healthy alternative,but find it so hard to eat the sort of chicken we would prefer to eat when we chose to eat out :?


If a restaurant chain activly promoted its chicken to be free range then that where we would go,but do any?????

At least Nandos are on the right track here (& the chicken is delicious too!)

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