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Linkabord - Raised Beds

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I have just ordered 3 raised beds kits from




When I origianlly went to order them online the postage was quite steep due to my location.


I have ordered them by phone and the postage has been reduced from £10 to £5 :D


Also instead of ordering individual pieces to make the beds I have ordered a complete kit (well actually 3) and this works out cheaper. The lady I spoke to say they have an offer on the kits. The kits are not shown on the website.


Linkabord's phone number is 01773 590566

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Thanks for that Ali - I'm looking to buy some raised beds for the garden at the new house, so may give them a phone later! How did you manage to talk the postage down so much!

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How bizarre - surely you've bought pretty much the same products that you would of for the higher postage?


Never mind! A good result in your favour! Will definately phone them, rather than do it online it that case! :D

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You know I am often put off buying things because of the postage costs to get them delivered up here :(


The internet is great for researching and ordering out of office hours. Now I shall give the company a call to see if ordering by phone is cheaper.


Off to do some research :wink::D:lol:

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Mine were delivered this afternoon. :shock:


How's that for service! :lol:


The lady I spoke to on the phone yesterday was really helpful...so I think its the sort of company we Omleteers like to do business with.


If the weather is decent tomorrow I'll have a go at putting one together.

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Mine have arrived as well :D:D


No card through the letterbox to say they had been delivered. Just been out to the shed for corn for the Chickens and there was a big cardboard box :D


What brilliant service, all the way up here in 2 days :D


I've had a peek inside the box, what a lot of pieces :shock: I hope there are 3 beds in there.

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My first one went together very easily....its like lego for grown ups. :lol:


Instructions are on the website.


I realise that I've got nowhere near enough compost, so a trip to B&Q is on the cards for next week. :roll:


Can't wait to get cracking with some planting up....but realistically it is still too cold here.

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Hello, I just picked up on this thread - I bought a Link-a-bord kit about three weeks ago.


It has a 1 metre square deep bed, 1 metre square shallow bed and hoops to make a cloche over the whole thing. £45. (whole thing is 2metres x 1metre)


Decided that the cloche part isn't for us - good idea in principal but doesn't quite work.


The beds themselves are brilliant but the do need a lot of soil/compost.

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My three beds are made :D I made them in the living room :lol:


They are much bigger than I thought they would be :shock: even though I had measured out the size and compared it to our coffee table :lol: I will have to find an awful lot of top soil from somewhere :?


Egluntine the dowels are about twice the length they need to be. Are yours the same? I wanted to cut them to size but OH says to leave them and push the extra dowel into the ground :?

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Ta Dah!




Not quite finished....the bamboo canes are just there as a rough guide.


So far this has taken 150L compost, 20L topsoil, 10L vermiculite, and it is only 2/3 full.


Back to B&Q tomorrow.


Should I add some sand to the mix??


Am going to leave it to warm up for a while before I start planting.

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