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Aunty e

Help! Horrid Tomcat!

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Help! A horrid black tomcat keeps coming in my house, making eyes at Evie and spraying all over everything. I'm thinking of getting a magnetic catflap to stop him, but he's sprayed all over the garden as well, and it STINKS. What do I do? Arthur (bless him) is too soppy to scare it off, and only occassionally chases it out of the back garden. Evie's quite vicious, but sadly, also makes eyes at it. I don't want to have her neutered just yet, but is that the only way to get him to go away? W've NEVER had strange cats around before, which is why I didn't bother with a magnetic cat flap.


Am tempted to catch said tom, and have him neutered. :evil:

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Hi Sarah, I had to resort to a bucket of water every time I saw the offending moggy which seems to be working :roll:


It isn't a tom cat though :evil:


I did have a stray cat a while back though that was an uneutered male so I borrowed a trap from the local charity and got a vet friend to neuter him :shock:


The one thing the vet wanted to be clear on was that he was definitely a stray as if it had been someone elses pet he would not have touched him apprently they can be struck off for it :lol:

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