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Thanks for that info CannyCat.


I will look into it for sure.

It is going to be hard though.I would be most interested in my Mums side of the family, but she had an acident a couple of years ago & suffered brain damage,so I cannot get any info from her.

One of her siblings in is Australia,& one is very sick with Parkinsons.....so I am going to have to find my info from another source.


I do know my Mums Grandfather was the royal photographer (I have a box of photos he took), & his father was a Rifleman in the war.


I am quite excited about this.


Are there any good computer programmes for making a family tree,do you know?


You will be able to trace back using birth certificates I should imagine, but it means paying 7.00 a pop :shock:

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freebmd is a great website for searching......


As to where to start: If you know of anybody who was living during the 1901 census, then their online thing is fab, as it gives you household members, ages etc, so its a great starting point. You do have to pay to see teh pages though, once you have found your person.

The 1881 census is online and free, so that is brilliant. Then freebmd is great if you can guess approximate dates for births and marriages and location. I did all of mine this way and got back to 1770.

Good luck!

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My grandfather did a family tree when he and my grandmother got married, as a wedding present. Turned out that my grandmother is a direct descendant of Rob Roy MacGregor.


My father, as a Silver Wedding present to my mum, started to look into her past, as very little was known about it - all we really knew was that her mother was actually her aunt, and that her Auntie Margaret was actually her mother (adopted just after the war, as Auntie Margaret was unmarried). He discovered that several of mums family survived the Titanic.


It is an absolutely fascinating thing to do - to see what moments in history your family have been involved in!


OMG Shona we must be distantly related my fathers family on my grandmothers side are descended for Rob Roy macGregor too :shock::lol:


I don't need to search too far to find my familys dark secrets I have a second cousin who was raised by another member of the family as Great Aunt Jane her mother was not married :roll: My 'brother' is also only my half brother :?

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I started doing it before I had Rosie, but it wasn't easy as my mothers family are all from Florence in Italy. My dad knows virtually nothing about his family, but some digging with a great-aunt found out that he's half Scottish and half (this bit was hushed up in the war) jewish.


I got quite far back, but gave up after I had Rosie and was on my own. My Dad's cousin is now doing his side, and my aunt is doing the italian side. I'll probably get round to it when I've retired :roll:

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