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Easter gifts Ideas

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Please post your ideas here


I dont think my herbs are going to be ready in time this year..


However I have baught some nice summer bulbs which I am planting in pretty terracotta pots (which im going to paint pretty colours).


the idea being that everyone will get a nice floral display for their garden :)


This is a selection of last years gifts which were mainly rowsemary, thyme and decorated eggs (just to give you some non chocolate ideas)


(Simon made the planter out of s"Ooops, word censored!" wood and pond liner we found in the garden)



(Simon made the trugs out of s"Ooops, word censored!" tongue and groove he found)




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Haven't got any ideas to add, but your things are all gorgeous :P

We don't really do Easter in our family,which gets me off the hook a bit I guess


Buying girly little things for the children & making up a little Easter basket of goodies for them is as far as we go, but I am going to make some Hot Cross Buns this year

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