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hello all, we got our chickens on staurday (Babs and Ginger) and are very happy with them both.

Just one question though, do they always poo this much? We're a bit taken back by the amount of cleaning we're doing at the moment, it certainly isn't as easy as the little movies on the eglu site suggest it is.



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Yep....they do poo a lot Stu. See the thread Poop-a-matic Chickens further down the "Chickens" page or click here for a quick link.


You'll soon get the hang of it. They shouldn't need cleaning out more than a couple of times a week.( Psst......the Eglu doesn't have to be absolutely spotless all the time) And the manure is fab for your veg garden.

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I'd echo that! Don't worry about it. Clean out the eglu twice a week. In the height of summer, I found once a week was fine as they don't spend so much time in the eglu.


When I first got mine, I washed everything down twice a week - and enjoyed it! Now I wash it once a month and don't worry about it! :D

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Just you wait! Your grass will be nice and green with all that fertilizer 8):lol:



unless the chooks free range

then their mud will be well fertilized :roll::lol:



I would also heartily recommend aubiose - ClareT got me onto it- thanks Clare! a few scoops in the poop tray and when you come to clean out the poop just slides off into the compost bin - and no smell - FAB :D

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