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New Arrivals

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Finally the day came and they arrived.

They settled in much quicker than I ever imagined.

Both nights they have put themselves to bed right on que - good as gold.


On second day they fed from bowl held in my hand (they sure like a small treat of sweetcorn!!), and run to the end of the run as soon as they hear the patio doors open (they seem to have VERY good hearing !!??).

They like being talked to !!


But I have 3 questions.


When I went to let them out this morning (around 8am) I could hear a little pecking at the door. I suspect that they heard the patio door sliding open and didn't want to miss anything.


Q1. On normal work days they will be let out of the eglu at around 7.30 - I assume this is OK?

Q2. If we want a lie in till 8am (or occasionally 9am) will they suffer if left in the eglu until then ?

Q3. Chickie won't let Boo near the food until she has had most of her breakfast - pecks her head (even thought there is room for both to feed at once).

But they lie down and sleep together in the sun.

Is this just establishing the normal pecking order and nothing to be concerned about ?

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Hi Hazel,


Congrats on your new arrivals! They do seem to have super hearing - and mine super eyesight - they come running whenever they see me in the kitchen!


In regards to your questions, i'n no expert but i would say 7.30am is fine to let them out and i am sure the odd lie in til 8 or 9 will do them no harm. (Though i know some people leave the door ajar so they can let themselves not into the run as they want) The food thing does just sound like them establishing a natural order so i wouldn't worry to much about it yet. Hopefully it will die down soon.


Glad you are enjoying them!



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Q1 - yes, 7.30 is fine.

Q2 - no, they will be fine if you have a lie-in

Q3 - yes, that's just normal


Essentially, they will want to get up and be let out once it's light. This is late in the winter but very early in the summer. I let mine out at about 7.30 in the winter but a bit earlier in the summer just because I tend to get up and about earlier myself in summer. I don't have any problems leaving my girls in until about 9am (much later ona couple of occassions :oops: ) if I'm having a lie in - they seem fine although keen to come out. I think some people's hens have been a bit noisy and make a lot of noise if left in but mine have always sat quietly until let out - just the occassional peck on the door or shuffling. You'll probably find, as I have, that on nice days you don't mind popping out to let the girls out and then going back to bed (in fact I quite like doing that) very cosy :wink:


Sounds like they're sorting out the pecking order re the food. Just make sure that the subservient hen does eventually get a chance to have some food. So long as she is not being pecked very harshly and bleeding etc then what you describe is perfectly normal.


Enjoy your weekend with your new girls :wink:

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