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Hey laura share your beers..... :dance:


What was Jimmy's farm like? I would love to go there. did you meet Jimmy, I believe he has an eglu also!


We watch Jimmy's Farm on tv, and we have always said we would love to go there, really admire what he has done.


Would also like to meet up with other Eglu owners and talk chickens it would be great...... think I am becoming obsessed with chickens, never give them a thought before we got them.


Claire :lol:

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Yes - chickens do become an obsession rather quickly. Soon your whole house will be filled with chickenalia :wink:


Jimmy's was great, chickens everywhere (and pigs of course) and the farmers market was excellent.


BHWT stall was fab and it was great to meet up with other forum members -actually it was more like a "crocs" convention - we were all wearing them :roll: just a shame we couldnt stay longer.


p.s. I also have a rather nice selection of wines I bought there too :D

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Happy Easter. I hope you all got loads of eggs! All of our very large family descended upon us today, so the chooks were much admired - (Although I think they secretly think I'm raving mad)!


The day out at Jimmy's sounds fab, I must visit there one day.

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